Operation: Fill The World with Positivity- A Rope (of hope and guidance)

Who says?
Who says you must live in dread?
Who says?
Who says fear may reside in your head?
Who says?
Who says negativity will be allowed to drag you down?

As you look around you must see that there are people out here like me existing free of self-defeat
If you read through this poetry and allow it to plant its seed, you will deem this message worthy:

The only person with power over you is you
So, who says that you can not be happy?
The only one who can say this is you
So, who says the inferiority complex can not already be dissipating?
Well it sure is not me, and I hope it is not you, but if it is you, you have reading still to do, and I have the time and will to convince you

It is up to you to choose:

Denial and dissatisfaction
The formula blue


Trust in yourself and the happiness faction
The way to happiness true

This first entry into the series OPERATION FILL THE WORLD WITH POSITIVITY is comprised of 212 original poems regarding my thoughts of necessary positivity towards a peaceful life for all, and what that life shall entail- the undying show of love, understanding of true happiness, serenity through harmony with each other and our human nature, and the unity of all people.

This book may just stoke the fire within you if you’ve been waiting for something to motivate you to live life to its fullest potential that it has in store for you at any given moment, even now, within a world distraught. Or, if you have never realized the true mission that all must take up for peace to overcome the hateful and downtrodden state that the world today seems to be stuck in, this book is for you, too.

If you are waiting for life to show you a sign, let this be it (keep in mind that life can show you what you need to see in only three ways- one is in thoughts, another is in the actions of others, and the other is the unfolding of the physical world, as created by the thoughts and actions of us living).

This is guidance and motivation that you can use in order to begin or continue on not only your search for meaning, but your pathway to healing yourself and others.

Buy it through any of the e-stores below for a penny per poem ($2.12 after taxes), or search through your favorite ebook retailer and you might just find it there, too!